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IJOTECH – Smart Technology & Efficient

IJOTECH zero client computing solutions are innovative desktop computing solutions that shift the traditional PC computing infrastructure to a centralized computing model. Within a zero client computing solution, users replaces PC desktops or laptops with the access client devices, called zero or thin clients, to remotely connect to virtual desktops centrally hosted in the servers at the data center.

IJOTECH is a Zero/Thin Client device that is capable of maximizing 1 (one) PC/master computer that can be shared by more than 50-100 users simultaneously. Where there are currently many obstacles in the supervision and maintenance of computers, the cost of purchasing a new computer and the monthly cost of electricity are always increasing.

IJOTECH was developed with a reason to answer all of the above problems. With the additional features of IT management technology owned by this device, all performance controls of each client computer screen will be monitored on one integrated screen (Host PC).


Smart Technology & Efficient For Everyone

Environmentally Friendly Computer Technology Workstation Based on the 4.0 Technological Revolution


Workstation/Network based computer with management software, virus free and only 5-10 Watts of electricity


Makes maintenance easy because it doesn't need special care, just focus on the server that is working then IJOTECH will follow it

IJOTECH Segmentation

Widely used in Educational Institutions, Offices, and Industrial

After Sales Service

Full Support Warranty for 2 Years (1 Year Replace, 2 Years Service)